Friday, February 3, 2012

ISS Lesson 21 to 24 - Term 1 Week 6 - Reporting of results & Writing of discussion paragraph

Dear ISS students,

In this weeks' lesson, your Science Teacher will manage the time between doing experiments and teaching you about "Reporting of results" and "Writing of discussion paragraph". It is most likely that you will have 1 period in the classroom and 3 periods in the laboratory so that you can start preparing your reports as soon as possible, even while your experiments are still in progress.

For the reporting of results, your teachers will introduce to you the various types of reporting results:
(a) by tables
(b) by graphs
(c) by pictures
For each of the types of data reporting, there are certain standards that you should do it. Please refer to your ISS teachers for advice.

For the writing of the discussion paragraph, there are certain standards that you should be able to achieve based on your current research projects. Please seek advice from your teachers should you have any.

All the best to your projects

and happy discovering the Scientific Method.



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