Friday, February 3, 2012

ISS Lesson 20 - Issue of WR template and Rubrics for Assessment

Dear ISS students,

Attached are 2 files:
(a) WR template 
(b) GPP/WR/Log Book rubrics for assessment

For you to prepare for the submission of written report sometime in Week 7.

Please follow this template as it is the LATEST format.

Thank you

and have a nice day. 

If you have any queries, refer to the blog site for information:  

Investigative Skills in Science blogger site:

and the Google Site for downloads etc

When you submit your report later to your teacher in Week 7, please use the format: 

WR-S2-11-A-Chen Wenyue 


WR: Written Report
S2: Sec 2
11: Class 11
A: Group A
Chen Wenyue: Name of student 



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