Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ISS Lesson 7 to 8 - Term 1 Week 3 - The Log Book

1.         Each project group will keep ONE Log Book which is the SST A4-size Single-lined Exercise Book.

2.         This Log Book will be handled in together with your Written Report.

3.         What goes into your Log Book?

The following documents are to be printed, trimmed to size and pasted neatly in the Log Book in the specified order.
(i)         Confirmed Group Project Proposal (i.e. 3rd draft)         

(ii)        Equipment Request Form
(iii)       Record of Work Done (including results) – All Science lessons in the week must be accounted for. You may include work done outside of Science lessons.

Your respective Science Teacher will guide you how to write the log book.

You are to write legibly and neatly.

Construct tables for recording observations and/or data.
Each Record of Work Done must be acknowledged by Teacher Advisor at the end of the lesson.

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