Sunday, January 1, 2012

ISS Lesson 3 to 6 - Term 1 Week 1 to 2 - Evaluating and submission of GPP

Dear students, 

For the next lessons until the 13 Jan 2012, you are to submit a good GPP to your supervisor to vet before the final submission date on 13 Jan 2012. 

You may seek help from other teachers who are experts in your area of investigation. 

As the total marks is 25%, please do a good job for this submission.

Submissions to be made to the following website:

Please remember to save your file as "GPP S2-10G" where
GPP = Group Project Proposal
S2-10 = your class
G = your group's name

2. Your teachers may also ask you to submit in hardcopies if they find it difficult to read your GPP.

3. Furthermore, submit to THINKQUEST account as well by 13 Jan 2012. I will update you soon about your newly established groups soon.


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