Sunday, January 1, 2012

ISS Lesson 2 - Term 1 Week 1 - What is a good project proposal?

Dear students, 

Please go to the following folder to download all the files there:

There are 2 sample files, and 1 empty template file for you to fill up.

Remember the Homework you are supposed to complete for Science? Fill up the following:

(a) The Bibliography or Reference Section in the GPP
Remember to go to the citation machine to generate the correct format of 20 articles for 4 students 

(b) The remaining sections. Your teacher will brief you on the meanings of these sections:
* Hypothesis / Engineering Goals
* Independent variable
* Dependent variable
* Constants

* Procedures 
* Data Analysis
* Bibliography
1.    List/identify the hazardous chemicals, activities, or devices that will be used
2.    Identify and assess the risks involved.
3.    Describe the safety precautions and procedures that will be used to reduce the risks.
4.    Describe the disposal procedures that will be used (when applicable).
5.    List the source(s) of safety information.

The score for GPP is 25%.
Bibliography / Reference takes up 10% 

while the rest is 15%. 
Please try your best to do a good job, as the beginning steps will determine your performance to a large extent.

Try to attempt the GPP before you ask your teachers for help.


A random act of kindness.


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