Sunday, January 1, 2012

ISS Lesson 1 - Term 1 Week 1 - Overview of ISS

Dear Sec 2 students, 

Welcome back to SST and now you are in Secondary 2 already. Today's lesson is on the briefing of the ISS programme. 

The ISS-IRS programme is structured as follows:

Marks Allocation

(a) Group Project Proposal (25%)
(b) Written Report (65%)
(c) Peer Assessment (10%)

(a) Group Project Proposal
(b) Written Report
(c) Oral Presentation
(d) Insight and Reflection
(e) Peer Assessment / Individual Contribution
Grade descriptors for IRS is used for assessment

Furthermore, outstanding projects will be submitted to competitions such as:
(a) Think Quest Competitions
(b) Singapore Youth Science Festival (10 Teams)
(c) Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (5 Teams) 
(d) Subject-based Competitions (vary)  

Time Line:

Nov-Dec 2011:
Formation of new groups for 2012 (by Nov 2011)
Preliminary Ideas
Approval of Preliminary Ideas
Holiday Homework - complete selection of 5 articles for Bibliography

Jan-Mar 2012
Term 1 Week 1  : Overview of ISS / What is a group project proposal?
Term 1 Week 2  : Evaluation and submission of group project proposal / What is a log book?  
Term 1 Week 3   : Preparation for Experimentation
Term 1 Week 4-5: Experiment
Term 1 Week 6   : Reporting of results
Term 1 Week 7   : Preparation / Submission of the Written Report (INDIVIDUAL)
Term 1 Week 8   : Preparation / Submission of the Written Report (GROUP)
Term 1 Week 9   : Teacher's Feedback to students
Term 1 Week 10 : Final Submission of Written Report (INDIVIDUAL / GROUP)

Jan-May 2012
Term 1 Week 1: Introductory to IRS/Research/Applied Learning
Term 1 Week 2-4: How to write the Introductory Paragraph
Term 1 Week 5: Buffer
Term 1 Week 6-7: How to write the Abstract Paragraph
Term 1 Week 8-9: Preparation of Oral Presentation and Feedback
Term 1 Week 10: Buffer
Term 2 Week 1: E-learning week: Preparation for Oral Presentation
Term 2 Week 2-3: Oral Presentation Weeks
Term 2 Week 4: Insight and Reflection / Individual Contribution
Term 2 Week 5: Buffer

ISS: Total periods per week = 4; Total periods: 40
IRS: Total periods per week = 1; Total periods: 15

Teachers allocation: 
S2-01 Mr Kenny Teoh(ISS)         + Mr Scott (IRS)
S2-02 Ms Evelyn Teo(ISS)          + Mr Ron Tan (IRS)
S2-03 Mr Charles Low(ISS)        + Mr Tan Hoe Teck (IRS)
S2-04 Ms Evelyn Teo(ISS)          + Mr Ron Tan (IRS)
S2-05 Mr Charles Low(ISS)        + Mr Scott (IRS)
S2-06 Ms Kassandra Lim(ISS)    + Mr Scott (IRS)
S2-07 Ms Kassandra Lim(ISS)    + Mr Tan Hoe Teck (IRS)
S2-08 Mr Tan Hoe Teck (ISS)    + Mr Tan Hoe Teck (IRS)
S2-09 Ms Karen Ng(ISS)            + Mr Ron Tan (IRS)

Budget for Expendables:
$30 per group; please pay first and collect the receipt when you make the purchases. Approach the Lab Staff who are stationed in the Biology Preparation Rooms to submit your claim. They will collect the receipt and record down your particulars. The claim will be distributed 1 month later through your Science Teacher. The claims will be settled from week 3 onwards.

Laboratory Allocation:
S2-01 + Biology Lab 2
S2-02 + Biology Lab 1
S2-03 + Biology Lab 2
S2-04 + Biology Lab 1
S2-05 + Biology Lab 2
S2-06 + Env Science Lab
S2-07 + Env Science Lab
S2-08 + Env Science Lab
S2-09 + Biology Lab 1

Laboratory Request Form:
All equipment that needs to be used for your project will be officially drawn out from the Lab Staff.
You are supposed to sign out all equipment from the lab and carry out the experiment in your allocated lab.
The week for the commencement of preparation of Lab will be from Week 3 onwards.

Log Book:
After you have completed your Group Project Proposal, each group is required to prepare a log book for use when you carry out your experiments and report your results. Please discuss with your group members and get a copy as soon as possible. You will be told later how to write your reflections and experimental data in Week 2.

Here is a link about how humans can learn from the wolf:
Key in your responses as comments below:...

Remaining Tasks:
Using the remaining time available, try to confirm your group members and group titles and update your Science Teacher. 
Your Teacher will then key in your latest project into a Google Spreadsheet.



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